Carlie1Carlie Congdon, Community Service
Carlie served as a Community Health Facilitator in Vanuatu from 2011 – 2013. She worked within the communities to increase awareness for disease prevention as well as within a local health center to increase their capacity to deliver basic health services. She ate dinner every night with her host family and misses her contribution to the meal, scratching the coconuts for milk. She currently works as an Associate Program Director at the END  Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Greg Emerson (Bocquet), Secretary / Podcast producer
Greg was a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru from 2003-2005, but he was also a Peace Corps Trainee in Morocco in early 2003 before the Iraq War started and volunteers were evacuated from the country. While he was going to be an environment volunteer at a gazelle reserve in Morocco (the toughest job he’d ever love to have been able to do), he became a community health volunteer in the high Andes of Peru. While there, he focused on nutrition and sanitation work, but led a number of side projects with his community, including computer training, English and Spanish classes and working with the local association of high-mountain guides and porters. After leaving the Peace Corps, he lived in Iceland for two years working as a journalist, and currently leads the product team at HuffPost.

Nicole PhotoNicole Ethier, Vice President 
Nicole served in East Java, Indonesia from 2011-2013 as an education and youth development volunteer. During her service she implemented many projects including a four-day leadership camp for young women ages 14-17 (Camp GLOW). During her spare time, she enjoyed taking photos of her community, and documenting their every day lives. She currently works at a nonprofit supporting the Development and Communications Department in maintaining donor relations and increasing funding.

Nick Motwani, Treasurer
Nick served in the Republic of Macedonia (now known as the Republic of North Macedonia) from 2012 – 2014 as a Community Development volunteer. Nick’s primary focus was to increase the opportunities available for young adults by organizing weekly workshops aimed at developing leadership and employment skills including networking, CV building, career guidance and other various topics. In addition to being a volunteer, Nick was a Peace Corps trainer, responsible with training the new generation of volunteers who arrived in September 2014. Currently, Nick is a Senior Director of Finance at Sesame Workshop, the non profit organization behind the iconic Sesame Street television show.

Robert Nolan, Communications
Robert served as an education volunteer in Zimbabwe from 1997-1999, where he also coached sports, worked on the local response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and fell in love with politics and journalism. He is currently executive director of communications and content strategy at Carnegie Corporation of New York, America’s oldest grantmaking foundation, and still enjoys following political and cultural developments in southern Africa.

IMG_1087Sarah Porter, President
Sarah served as an Community Development volunteer in Macedonia from 2005-2007. Sarah worked with local NGOs and schools to focus on reproductive health, gender empowerment, and anti-trafficking initiatives. Sarah helps produce the group’s annual story telling show, where RPCVs take the stage in front of a live audience. This past year, Sarah became a storyteller and took to the stage to share her story about why she joined the Peace Corps.

Marian Rivman, Socials & Events
Marian served in the Philippines from 1966-1968. Her first year, she taught science at a local elementary school in a small town. Her second year, she moved to Davao City to work with a non-profit that trained ‘campesinos’ for 9-5:00 jobs. She has maintained relationships with her Filipino ‘family’ and her language instructor for the last five decades. Currently, she is retired after a successful career as a public relations consultant representing an eclectic roster of clients including UN agencies, programs and world conferences.

Jason Thackler, Socials & Events 
Jason served as an Education volunteer in southwestern China from 2010-2012. As the first non-Chinese in his community, Jason spent his service teaching English and critical thinking skills to college-age students while working to build awareness around the US and its culture. He helped run a week-long Eco Leadership Camp, edited lots of textbooks, learned a mean game of ping-pong, and spent holidays backpacking around Tibetan Sichuan. Jason currently works as a Client Success Manager at Schoology – the coolest learning management system around.

Starr, Chris

Christopher Starr , Socials & Events 
Christopher served as a Rural Community Development volunteer in Costa Rica from 2011 to 2013. Chris taught a lot of English, ultimate frisbee and art while also directing the establishment of a savings and loan cooperative in Guanacaste, a province in the northwest of Costa Rica. Chris currently works as part of a technical assistance/consulting team for Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, helping social service and/or financial organizations establish financial inclusion programs and advocacy projects.