Peace Corps Stories: The Unofficial Podcast presents an unfiltered, uncensored look at the toughest job you’ll ever love. Each episode features true stories about the Peace Corps, told by returned volunteers reflecting on the thrilling highs, the debilitating lows, the near-death experiences and the crazy adventures from their service in the Peace Corps.

Entirely produced by the New York City Peace Corps Association, with help from content partners at other affiliate NPCA groups around the U.S.

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Episode 15: Peter’s $#!{{? Day

Peter Clark (Kyryzstan, 2009-2010) recalls a challenging day on the playground early in his service, and we take a look back at the scatological memories that defined his service as emcee of the Peace Corps Story Slam in the final episode of Season 1.

Episode 14: A Gambian Funeral

Ryan Smith (The Gambia, 2007-2009) sees how a community deals with death during his first months in the Peace Corps.

Episode 13: Sometimes You Just Have to Vomit

Julie Behrens (Honduras, 2004-2006) takes her first work trip and ALMOST makes it home in one piece.

Episode 12: Josh Makes a Tough Decision

Josh Norman (Togo, 2000-2002) remembers a tough decision when he had to choose between a project and a person.

Episode 11: Breaking the Rules of Partying in the Peace Corps

Jane Garcia Buhks (Nicaragua, 2010-2012) and Robyn Fiedler (Nicaragua, 2011-2013) remember a night where they broke all the rules of partying, but they got through it together.

Episode 10: The Day I Almost Tasted Heaven

Sarah Porter (Macedonia, 2005-2007) discovers how sweet a little taste of home can be.

Episode 9: Giving Thanks in the Shadow of 9/11

Shawna Miller (Honduras, 2001-2003) saw the events of September 11 from a distance, but experienced a closeness she didn’t expect.

Episode 8: If Only I’d Killed that Chicken

To Teresa Liu (East Timor, 2003-2005), why did the chicken cross the road? takes on life or death consequences.

Episode 7: More than Just the ‘Village Crazy’

Jackie Gannon (Namibia, 2011-2013) remembers an eccentric character in town who scared Peace Corps staff but became one of her best friends.

Episode 6: Internet in the Andes

Greg Emerson Bocquet (Peru, 2003-2005) tells the story of how a small village in the Peruvian Andes, without electricity, came to find the Internet.

Episode 5: A 50-Year Peace Corps Journey

Marian Rivman (Philippines, 1966-1968) talks about why she joined the Peace Corps in 1966, and how the experience continued to shape her life 50 years later.

Episode 4: A Dog Falls in a Latrine, and Finds Himself

Travis Tinney (Kyrgyzstan, 2009-2011) remembers Pinto, an unlucky dog who overcame significant obstacles on the path to redemption.

Episode 3: The Time I Almost Bled to Death in Africa

Rick Barley (Uganda, 2007-2010) remembers a close call in the heart of Africa.

Episode 2: When My Village Enemy Ate My Cat

Josh Norman (Togo, 2000-2002) remembers The General, and his untimely end at the hands of an unfriendly neighbor.

Episode 1: A Cookie in Macedonia

Sarah Porter (Macedonia, 2005-2007) reflects on what happens when an American work ethic meets an unpaid local schoolteacher.