June 22, 2019

The 8th Peace Corps Story Slam

You ready for this?! Our Peace Corps Story Slam is a time each year to come together to share the heartwarming, oddly touching and definitely too inappropriate to share in polite conversation stories that we all have from our two years as a volunteer. We are partnering with The New School this year to bring you another great set of stories!

This year, we’re following the same format as last year and drawing storyteller’s names from a hat. If you want to tell a 5 minute story:

1. Start brainstorming.
(Need some help to get those creative details flowing? Check out our “Pro Tips“)

2. Time limit is 5 minutes! Prepare by writing it out and practicing beforehand. Remember, a good story has a beginning, middle, and end!

3. When you show up to the event, you can enter your name into a hat from which we’ll be drawing the names of our storytellers ala The Moth Story Slams.

4. Cross your fingers and then knock ’em dead if/when your name gets drawn.

5. Bask in the applause!

Can’t wait until June? Check out some of the stories featured at our past events on our podcast.