Protect Our Democracy: How you can help support voting access in the 2020 Election

September 22, 2020 / Comments (0)

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First things first: Register to vote!

You can register to vote online here, here, or here in two minutes or less!

Need to vote absentee or by mail? Learn your state’s requirements and request and complete your ballot as  soon as possible to mitigate any postal service delays.

Next: Help register others!

Bring or post this QR code anywhere you go! Pass out on flyers, post in your window, iron it on a shirt, it can be easily scanned to take people directly to a voter registration website. 

Send letters to encourage voters to get to the polls, particularly in swing states – experiments have shown that people who receive these are significantly more likely to vote. 

You can adopt your own or a fellow swing state – directly support the work of organizers, volunteers, and candidates in key battleground states.. all from your couch! 

Getting out the vote from your couch sound pretty nice? Text banking might be for you! You can reach 1,000 or more people in an hour, from the comfort of your own home.

If socializing is more your thing, you can host a virtual registration party!

Overall, remember that you can do all or any combination of the above –text bank, phone bank, AND write postcards – to reach voters in states commonly targeted with voter suppression tactics through Reclaim Our Vote. 

Then: Help out on Election Day

To increase voter turnout in the communities we are most passionate about Invisible Hands has partnered with NYC to hand-deliver completed voter ballots. Starting October 1st in New York and New Jersey, Invisible Hands will need volunteers to pick up completed ballots and bring them to the polling sites or mobile drop boxes. Sign up here to volunteer.

Become a poll worker for New York city! The Board of Elections is hiring Poll Workers to serve at poll sites across New York City. You can earn up to $2,800 for working 10 days! They really need healthy individuals able to work mid- to late-October through Election Day on November 3, and you can choose which days you work after completing a four-hour training. Sign up here to become a Poll Worker for NYC or here to volunteer with PowerThePolls

Looking for more? Check out the NPCA’s voter resources page here.

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