Upcoming Virtual Events: May 2020 (updated)

RECAP: Peace Corps Trivia Night!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first ever virtual Trivia Night!
Congrats to Cynthia, Curtis, Scott and Marissa (Team Racism Is Alive) for winning by a whopping margin of less than a point — equality wins after all! No one expected these underdogs to run out of the shed after trailing in the early rounds.

#QuarenTeamNissa came in strong round after round with guns a-blazin’ until their flag knowledge came to a screeching halt tying them with the consistent 2nd place finisher, Board Corps. Tanzaniness (which now I can say because I kept repeating afterwards!) started off with a shaky start but came back with a impressive finish lagging only 1.5 points behind 2nd place. Well done all and hope everyone enjoyed it!

We hope to have more in the future so if you hear more interest from others, let us know. Until next time!

Your NYCPCA Trivia Night Team,
Kevin, Julissa, Gina

Thank you to our Trivia Night participants!!

Thursday, May 14: We’re taking to Zoom to test your knowledge of the world, including some Peace-Corps-Themed topics! RSVP by Monday, May 11. Details here>

Flyer for the NYCPCA Trivia Night on Thursday, May 14. RSVP by Monday, May 11 at bit.ly/nyctrivia

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